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1975 長野県生まれ

2000 Beaux-arts versailles France 絵画 彫刻 基礎課程  修了

2001 Beaux-arts versailles France 絵画アトリエ課専攻 中退

1999 ANA パリ事業所 グループ展

2000 Tose グループ展

2001 Vitamin mania paris, SUYAMANGA 展 




1975 Born in Nagano in Japan

1997-2000 Studied painting at Beaux-arts versailles France

2001 Leave school without completing the course 

1999 The joint exhibition of japanese artist in office ANA paris

2000 TOSE, group exhibition in paris

2001 Exhibition SUYAMANGA at Vitamin mania paris


スヤマ カズシゲ

suyama kazushige

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